Monica Gentile

Hatha & Laughter Yoga Teacher

In a period of change like ours it is important and essential that every individual can find space for personal spiritual practices, in order to manage the burden of this global change on a mental and holistic level. In order not to feel overwhelmed or confused, each one of us must look to oneself and becomes aware of oneself and his/her inner strength. To support each other we begin by supporting ourselves. By helping ourselves  we also help new generations to be responsible and self-sufficient individuals. The planet needs a sudden change in conscious, altruistic, responsible human beings that think and act by looking and caring to the future of our beloved planet and future generations.

„In every human heart lies a deep longing to connect to something bigger that oneself, to find a sense of belonging and meaning to life“ 

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Coming Soon .... Online Video Series for Home Practice

Enjoy HD quality series of Hatha Yoga videos as a series to work at home. This series will focus on the spine in a progressive series of movement meditations. Each video will also feature original music by US ambient musician Mikronesia.